Exploring Various Penis Enlargement Methods

(Last Updated On: December 4, 2016)

Throughout the years, penis enlargement has been the subject not talked that much such as breast enhancement or enlargement in women. Today, there are numerous cosmetics enhancements when it comes to breast enhancements, but not much research or clinical studies conducted about male penis enhancements.

For those who are doing penis enlargement and serious about doing it, one thing is sure, penis enlargement is possible and it works as long as it is done in the right way to avoid injury and reap the benefits of achieving amazing permanent gains; although, such facts are not accepted within the medical society.

However, some urologists are starting to adapt the fact that it is possible to increase penis size, plus exercises and devices like traction extenders and hydro pump like Penomet are great ways to maintain a man’s sexual and penis health.

Today, there are numerous men staring to do some research and due diligence prior to deciding what strategy suits when it comes to increasing penis size. After all, this endeavor is sensitive and delicate.

Below is a list of various penis enlargement methods being used today, and of course, included in the list below is using the Penomet pump and why it’s a viable option when it comes to effectiveness, safety, and cost.

Penis Enlargement Surgery

Penis Enlargement Surgery

The reality about a ma’s penis, it has a 30% of the total penis shaft length hidden inside the body, or should we say buried in a man’s pelvic area. The purpose of this hidden part of the penis is to support the penis when it’s fully erect, and during sexual intercourse especially during thrusting.

The most common means of utilizing this extra hidden penis length is a surgical procedure called penis lengthening. Penis enlargement surgery will try to bring out as much of the hidden penis length to add more length to the penis shaft that is already visible externally. This extra hidden part is released outward

This is achieved by freeing or releasing the fundiform ligament, as well as the suspensory ligament that attached the two erectile parts to the pubic bone.

Then, the penis is stretched with a stretching device, then the operating surgeon separates the ligaments that are close to the pubic bone and detach all the midline attachments. This makes the penis pop forward resulting to an extra 2 to 3 centimeters. That’s an instant gain of 0.8 to 1.2 inches.

The known disadvantage of lengthening of corporal bodies or ligamentolysis is neither normal or a safe procedure due to high-risks of impotency, which later requires a prosthesis or a penile implant in order to achieve erection quality suitable for sexual intercourse.

Male Pills

Male Enhancement Pills, Patches and Creams

Probably, this is the most marketed and wrongly perceived penis enlargement method. You name it, search it online, and you’ll find a ton of endless pills, patches and creams promising instant results in an effortless manner.

Of course, a lot of people bought them as the majority wants a quick solution. However, male pills, patches, and creams are not penis enlargement stuff. Most of these are marketing gimmicks from marketers who simply want to make money out of the vulnerable audience.

Of course, male enhancement pills do work, but not all of them. Male Enhancement pills work when it comes to boosting erection and sexual drive, and sometimes help with premature ejaculation issues, but certainly pills do not make the penis bigger overtime.

The perceived improvement in erection quality is what the marketers called enlargement gains, but in fact, it is not and once the erection subsides, it simply returns to its normal size. Yes, there are male enhancement pills that truly works as an effective male virility enhancers, but not for enlargement purposes.

Fortunately, male enhancement pills can also be helpful if taken along with real penis enlargement method like pumping and manual exercises like Jelqing and stretching.

Although male enhancement pills are regarded as scams, which is true most of the time, there are still male enhancement pills that work but are marketed in the wrong way. So, if you see an advertisement online or a website promising measurable inches after taking the pill for 1 or 2 weeks, it’s a lie.

Pills are generally dietary supplementation that should be taken for a long-term and should not be considered as penis enlargement strategy.

Also, be careful on certain pills that have unknown brands as some of these might contain ingredients that could harmful to health, or interact with certain medications currently being taken.

Air Vacuum Penis Pumps

Conventional Air Vacuum Pumps

The first penis pump for men with erectile dysfunction used air to generate the negative pressure or vacuum in the pump’s cylinder. It is still in used to day and also known as vacuum erection aid device.

Some of these conventional penis air vacuum pumps have motorized pumps for a hands-free operation. Aside from being used to aid erections, it also being used on men with Peyronies disease.

This is the reason why Penomet is also an excellent solution to men with a curved penis but with a better experience than the conventional air vacuum pumps.

Penomet Penis Enlargement Device and Penile Hydro Therapy Pump

Penomet premium penis enlargement pump is the only one on the market today with extensive patents employing well-engineered and unique properties of hydraulics or water power with amazing improvements over conventional air vacuum pumps. Below are the prominent advantages and differences in which Penomet pump shines.

  • No external pumping mechanism
  • No extra tubes connecting to the pump’s nozzle
  • Easy and comfortable to use through its silicone-based comfort pad
  • Penomet has a wide comfort pad that sits on pelvis area
  • Rigid and durable pump cylinder made from polycarbonate materials

Penomet Pump System

The Penomet gaiter is the patented hydraulic component of the entire system. The primary function of the gaiter is to release the pressure in a gradual manner making git 100% safe to use. Penomet gaiters allow normal blood flow inside the penis without inducing harm to the erectile tissues.

Now, you have a clear choice of a safe and proven penis enlargement method, check out Penomet pump today!

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