A Secret To A Happy Marriage (Anyone Can Do)

(Last Updated On: October 31, 2016)

When a couple got married, happiness is one of the most important goals. However, does simply getting married can lead to happiness? Of course, having children is another one, which can also lead to happiness.

But if there’s one thing you can do, what is it to make your marriage happy and fulfilling? Well, there’s one thing…actually, it’s a skill. One study finds1 that a strong indicator towards emotional closeness is the resonance of inner states towards the partner.

Does It Sounds Complicated?

Well, it is especially that researchers talk differently from a layman’s language. But, it is interesting once you get a hold of the visual and how it works. Thanks to NYMAG.com for creating an animated visual explainer. Watch it below.

Does It Only Apply To Married Couples?

Certainly, this technique is applicable to all couples both married and unmarried. However, there are not many who have this skill. Yes, it’s a skill and the more you do it, the better you will become at doing it.

The key is to keep aiming a happier and closer relationship. There are couples even if they lived together for a long time, yet they’re far apart from each other. When you encounter these couples, you will feel the difference in their environment.

Researchers at UC Berkeley thought they found a gene, which is key to a happy marriage. They call it the serotonin transport gene.

The good news, genes don’t really control us, but it depends on the environment. Therefore, the more you do and work on aiming happier, the more you become drawn towards it. If it’s difficult for you to start feeling happy and struggling to laugh, try watching comedy movies or funny cartoons.

Does Sex Contributes To Couple’s Happiness?

Certainly, sex is a part of an active, healthy and happy marriage, or even on unmarried couples. Of course, don’t forget to say “I Love You” during sex as it matters.

What’s even more helpful, when the couple involved in physical activities such as doing yoga together, it makes the relationship even hotter. Sex is not just pleasure, but sex affects the brain in many ways.

Also, keep in mind, it’s the frequency of sex that matters most, but it’s the quality. Talking about deeper emotional connections between the two partners.

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