Proven Exercises That Are Helpful For Reversing Erectile Dysfunction

(Last Updated On: March 30, 2016)

Erectile dysfunction or inability to achieve and sustain hard erections for sexual penetration is not only frustrating for men, but also an embarrassing situation either to his partner or other people. It is an innate characteristic of men to show power through sexual capacity. And, when there’s something wrong with penile health particularly not being able to make it hard during sexual stimulation, it’s frustrating and stressing resulting to contributing and making the erectile issue more severe.

In the first place, a man with an erectile issue should always talk to his partner(i.e. girlfriend, wife) about the condition. This is no joke as erectile dysfunction can be an early warning for a more serious health condition such as heart disease according to Mayo Clinic. In fact, ED is often linked with the following health conditions like low testosterone level, diabetes, and obesity. It may also be caused by certain psychological problems, hormonal changes, and nerve damage.

The most popular non-invasive treatment for erectile dysfunction is through ED medications also known as PDE5i, and the most popular among these drugs is Viagra. Other ED drugs include Cialis and Levitra. However, we should not forget that good nutrition is also a primary means for reversing erectile dysfunction as it addresses the entire body’s health condition by restoring it optimally. Additionally, there have been reports that men taking ED medications were not able to experience a total fix for their sexual problems. At some point, ED drugs improve sexual function, but not relationships according to one study1.

Another potential solution to erectile dysfunction is using a shockwave therapy, which is another non-invasive option. Penile injection is another option although it’s a bit invasive as it involves injecting medication directly into the penile area. The good news, certain lifestyle changes can help reverse erectile dysfunction, and the best part…they’re natural and non-invasive can be made a part of one’s active and healthy lifestyle.

Probably, one of the most effective, and yet not widely utilized a solution for erectile dysfunction is exercise. There is an exercise that strengthens and balances the pelvic floor muscles. These muscle groups are responsible for aiding erections, urinary function, and ejaculation, hence, it’s not just about improving erection quality, but also improve or make performance longer and better avoiding another male issue called premature ejaculation. The name of this pelvic floor muscle exercise is Kegels. Kegels exercise has been around and women have been using it for incontinence urinary problem and childbirth. Andrew Siegel, M.D. developed a practical guide on how to do Kegels exercise. He is also the developer of PrivateGym, which is a complete training program for pelvic floor muscles. You can also follow along this detailed and demonstrated guide on how to do Kegels on your own at home, or anywhere you want. That’s the best part of Kegels because it does not involve touching the penis, but uses the mind to control pelvic floor muscles with voluntary contractions.

One study2 found that Kegels or pelvic floor muscle exercises helped 40% of men suffering from erectile dysfunction regain their normal erectile function while 33.5% were able to experience significant improvement in their erections.

Here’s how to do Kegels exercise…

It’s not just stimulating the pelvic floor muscles can help men with erectile dysfunction. According to Harvard, there are growing scientific proofs that engaging a few hours of exercise a week is beneficial to reducing risk of erectile dysfunction, and possibly help reverse the problem. In one meta-analysis study3 researchers find aerobic training might be beneficial for men with arteriogenic erectile dysfunction, and another study4 found the same benefit.

Given the fact that obesity is one of the causes of erectile dysfunction, it is worth considering to lose weight. Losing weight involves two things; good nutrition and regular physical activity. When a person sticks to this regimen, he can surely lose weight, feel confidence, and gain back full sexual function. Avoiding processed foods, refined carbs, and refined sugars particularly artificial sweeteners are the first steps towards losing weight. However, it is vital to note to find alternatives and not just alternatives, but healthy and clean alternatives that are nourishing to the body. Healthy fats should also be considered, and the myth about cholesterol should be dispelled because it’s not really the cholesterol that’s causing heart disease, but inflammation due to unhealthy food choices.

And speaking of cholesterol, drugs designed to lower cholesterol like Statin drug can cause erectile dysfunction and other unhealthy consequences. Therefore, if you’re taking a cholesterol-lowering drug, ask your doctor about the potential side effects on sexual health and performance, and if possible, ask an alternative that is safer.

Always talk to your doctor if you have erection issues because erection problem is not just isolated for penis health, but other systems in the body, as well like cardiovascular system and nervous system. Lastly, yoga is another exercise that can strengthen and release the tension of the pelvic floor muscles, hence improving performance, as well as ejaculatory control. And, as always…always talk to your urologist for professional and appropriate guidance especially when it comes to medications, and apply the natural means along with the medications with your doctor’s guidance.

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