10 Common Reasons You’re Not In The Mood For Having Good Sex

(Last Updated On: August 19, 2016)

Sex is a very powerful emotion, and when done in a healthy and regular cycle it can provide a therapeutic effect. Hence, couples should be engaging in a regular sexual activity for health, as well as deeper connection purposes. When two people have sex in a very intimate manner, there’s a virtual connection that happens that makes the two people involve feel something amazing that releases stress, fear, and many other negative thoughts. It helps bring both partners into a focus that is so intense, and when both partners reach orgasms, it’s so releasing that every tension on muscles is released.

Unfortunately, there are couples who are not regularly involved in regular sex. In fact, there are couples who think it’s normal to have sex once a month, and even other couples engaged in sexual activity a few times every few months. Below is a list of potential reasons why couples are not enjoying sex to the fullest, as well as what can be done in order to enjoy the true meaning and connection of sex. Keep in mind, although not always…that better sex life can improve both healthy and overall quality of life either individually, or as a couple.

1. Issues In A Relationship

Probably, this is the leading reason why couples are not engaging in a healthy and good sex. Problems cause stress, and when there is a tension between the couple, it’s difficult to get into the mood. Among the stressing emotions that can rob the couples of their sexual mood includes resentment and anger. Then, either or both will reason of tired to making love. When you feel there is something wrong, it’s always a good idea to spend time talking and discussing.

The other problem of discussion is when one partner is stubborn and not admit of something, or perhaps hiding something from his/her partner. When something like this seems to be unresolvable between the couple, it is a good idea to ask assistance from a professional sex therapist in order to settle what’s causing the issue between the couple.

2. More Time Spent On The Screen

For most working people, when they get home relaxing in front of the TV set watching whatever or favorite program is the most common thing to do. Then, comes dinner, and right after dinner one partner goes back to watching TV and when the show is over, all that is needed to is sleep. In fact, the other partner might have already been sleeping already. Some people stays late at night either watching TV, or playing video games, or spending time on social media.

If this is you and you want to improve your relationship, begin cutting screen time and spend time with your partner helping kitchen chores, or simply talking and discussing what was happen the day prior. Sharing the bad and good experiences during the day creates that sense of connection that everyone is looking for. You already experienced this sense of connection when you were dating and spending so much time talking and cuddling.

Spend more time with each other while keeping the TV outside the bedroom, as well as the gadgets that can lead you to sleep deprivation due to staying late at night. So, keep your phone, tablet, laptop, iPad, iPhone, etc and go into the bedroom earlier.

3. Too Hectic In Schedules

Overstressed and over-scheduled at work can lead to feeling tired of anything including initiating sex with your partner. On the other hand, good and healthy sex is essential to a personal quality of life to both partners and it shouldn’t be postponed. Take a look at your schedules and what you’re doing. If you’re doing too much, cut back a bit and step back and see which one are the priorities and postpone other things and let that extra time spend with your partner.

4. Feeling The Tension To Have Sex

If you’re caught in the cycle of feeling somewhat tired sex or no sex at all, it seems there is a pressure that makes you avoid going into the bedroom. Well, if you’re experiencing this, relax and release the pressure and cuddle. Most of the times, when that virtual connection happens through cuddling can result to passionate and intimate sex. If not, don’t fret because physical contact alone between partners play a huge role to joy and happiness that can eventually result to better sex.

5. Health Issues

Having difficulty achieving and maintaining an erection known as erectile dysfunction could be a sign of certain health condition like heart health issues, hypertension, and many others. It could also be due to certain unhealthy lifestyle practices like alcoholism and smoking. If you’re experiencing erection issues and it seems to be consistent, consult your doctor as there may be an underlying condition that triggers it. If you’re a smoker or drink alcohol excessively, cut back on both, or even aim at quitting smoking. Know that the driving force behind erections is blood flow, and it involves cardiovascular health.

So, have yourself a regular visit with your healthcare provider to make sure your heart is healthy. Additionally, always aim at living a healthy lifestyle because there’s no substitute for it. If you’re healthy and fit, so does your sex life.

6. CFS(Chronic Fatigue Syndrome)

Normal fatigue can be relieved in days, but if you’re experiencing continuous tiredness for months, that might be a chronic fatigue syndrome. This often worsens at the end of the day resulting to performing just half of your capacity, which includes feeling so tired and not in the mood of having sex. If this happens to you, consult a doctor so you can be guided accordingly on what to do whether you need medical treatment, or simply needs rest and unwinding through meditation and relaxation.

On the other hand, find some ways to have intimacy with your partner. If it means during daytime and both of you are in the mood, then do so. Good and healthy sex can happen anytime of the day. So, don’t wait for night fall, simply pull the trigger when both of you are in the mood and time allows.

7. Lack of Sleep

There is a clear and obvious connection between lack of sex and lack of sleep. One study1 in 2008 showed that men who snored most have least satisfying sexual lifestyle even if there is nothing wrong with their sexual health and function. Hence, addressing the problem of sleep deprivation can often result to a better sex life and quality of life.

8. Over Training

When we talk about over training, it simply means overdoing exercise. There’s no doubt that regular exercise can boost libido and even help reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction, but overdoing it can lead to harmful consequences. Doing a 15 to 30 minutes of high-intensity interval training 3 times a week is enough. Add to it a few times of weight or strength training can further help muscle development and raise your testosterone level naturally.

Stop pushing yourself to train like a body builder with schedules to meet. Simply exercise as normally you do. Keep in mind, pushing your body to the limits every time is not good either. Stay and always remain in balance so you can stay fit and enjoy sex a the same time.

9. Hormonal Imbalance Issues

This mostly happens with women, but can also happen to men as well. Women can consult with their OB-Gyn, and men with their Urologist. Age can play a huge role on hormonal imbalances that can be corrected wit the help of your respective health care provider. You may be prescribed with a simple medical fix and be able to get back on track to a more active and better sex life. Most of the time, these hormonal imbalances can also be corrected with a healthy lifestyle including clean and healthy eating along with a regular physical activity or exercise.

10. Feeling Depressed

Stress, when becomes severe can lead to depression, and it is not sex friendly. Even a simple sleep deprivation, when done on regular can result to depression that doesn’t bring a harmonious connection getting into a mood for sex. The very first step to solving this issue is to recognize you’re depressed. If for some reasons, you can’t because you feel so depressed, ask help from a professional therapist so you can be guided accordingly on getting back into a good mood, and eventually regain confidence and enthusiasm.

Your therapist may be prescribing you with a medication, but it’s not really a good idea to stay on medication for a long time. Instead, use natural means like exercise, running, getting enough sleep, and most importantly, choose the foods you eat. There are foods that are stress-relieving and you should incorporate them regularly in your diet.

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