Is It Possible To Break The Penis?

(Last Updated On: July 1, 2016)

While there are no bones in the penis, it is possible to break it due to rigorous and aggressive sexual intercourse. According to reports from men with a broken penis, the woman on top position seems to be a very common culprit.

Penile fracture is described as a traumatic rupture of the part of the penis, which is a tough fibrous layer of consisting of connective tissue surrounding the corpora cavernosa. The penis only breaks when it’s fully erect where the corpora cavernosa is full of blood due to the erection. It literally produces a “pop” sound during a blunt traumatic sex.

Generally, when this happens, the patient experience severe pain, swelling of the penis and erection subsides. It is described with a reddish, purple, blue color. This condition requires immediate medical attention.

Penile fracture is real! Hence, be careful when having an aggressive sexual intercourse. And, although there is no evidence that exercising the penis makes it somewhat it stronger in the long run, it would be helpful to some degree, and even regular use of a penis pump like Penomet. There are several reports on penile fracture, and you can check some of these cases below. However, note that these reports contain images that you may feel gross, but that’s what really happen during a penile injury.

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