Penomet hydro pump is as only as effective on how the user use it in the right manner. First, we’ll go over the basics of the science employed behind the Penomet hydro pump design. Penomet is designed to be use with water to generate vacuum pressure, hence, for best possible results it should be use with water in the bath or shower. Although, it can be also used as a conventional air vacuum pump, it works well with water during the compression and expansion of the penis resulting to an equally proportioned enlargement or size gains.

The hydraulic technology used in Penomet overcomes the unproportionate or uneven penis growth offered by conventional air vacuum pumps. On the other hand, using air vacuum pump as an erection aid device, it works well, but for long-term use for penis enlargement purposes, a hydro pump like Penomet is an excellent option. It uses water to generate an equal pressure and volume inside the pump cylinder. Utilizing Penomet’s unique design, the compression of the pump stops through a non-return valve located at the tip of the cylinder.

The release valve closes when the gaiter expands, and this process generates the negative pressure or vacuum inside the pump cylinder equally. Through Penomet’s innovative changeable gaiter system, it offers different pressure capacity and Penomet pump users can choose between low to high pressure, or combination of both in order to create a preferred routine. Most Penomet users achieve gains up to 65% quicker than simply using a fixed gaiter pump.

Start experiencing instant results within the first 15 minutes of using Penomet hydro pump. Yes, instant results is temporary, but usable and overtime with consistent routine implementation, it will become permanent gains.

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6 Steps On How To Use Penomet Pump

Penomet hydro pump design makes it easy and simple to use it without any long learnin curve. And, with that being said, there are six simple ways on how to use Penomet pump device in less than 60 seconds without the complicated instructional guide. In addition, a quick video demonstration is provided below to make it easy for individuals who tend to get instructions visually.

Step #1 – Pick a preferred detachable gaiter. For beginners who have no prior experience who owned Penomet Premium or Extra, using the Purple(Force 60) gaiter is recommended as this is the lowest capacity pressure gaiter.

Step #2 – Attach the preferred gaiter to the Penomet pump cylinder.

Step #3 – Now, with the Penomet pump, keep it reachable while warming up with warm water in the bath tub or shower. In case in shower, have the professional shower strap ready also for a hands-free experience.

Step #4 – Once warmed-up, insert the penis into the Penomet pump cylinder through the gaiter, then gently pump a few times until pressure is felt or vacuum is generated. Don’t over-pump.

Step #5 – With the pump’s gaiter sealed tightly to the pubic skin, relax and re-pump every few minutes for a total routine time of 15 to 20 minutes.

Step #6 – Once the 15 to 20 minutes is over, remove or release the pressure by pressing the release valve to the side located at the tip of the Penomet pump.

As an extra tip, as you become more of an expert or experienced user with the Penomet, use stonger gaiters until you will be able to use the strongest gaiter available, RED(Force80).

How To Use Penomet Hydro Pump Quick Video Demo

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Penomet has been designed to deliver the results, and if used consistently according to recommended routines provided in the user’s guide, you will get the results you set on your goal.

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