4 Cups Of Green Tea A Day For Weight Loss Plus Other Health Benefits

(Last Updated On: August 19, 2016)

Green tea is popular these days due to its many health benefits. It’s packed with antioxidants like catechins and flavonoids. One study1 found that habitual consumption of flavonoid-rich foods can reduce incident of erectile dysfunction. Catechins, on the other hand is an antioxidant that is helpful with weight loss according to one study2. Additionally, both of these antioxidants help forage the accumulated free radicals in the body. When these free radicals are not neutralized, it can damage the DNA, which is a contributing factor to the development of cancer, and atherosclerosis.

Regular consumption of antioxidants such as those found in green tea ensure the cells in the body function as they are supposed to resulting to a decrease in risks of many diseases both common and serious illnesses. Antioxidants also reduce the bad cholesterol, improve focus and boost cognitive function. The fat burning and metabolism boosting property of green tea had been shown in many previous studies. Drinking 4 cups of green tea day has been linked to weight loss of 6 lbs during the 2 months period.

Some experts consider green tea as super food we can drink, and the list of health benefits goes on including a boost in energy level, lower risk cancers like colon, prostate and breast cancers, lower risk of cognitive degenerative diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases, good for dental health because it kills bacteria, and it also helps lower risks of developing Type 2 diabetes and heart disease, and since it has an effective metabolism and fat burning effects resulting to better and healthier weight loss, it has a potential to reduce risk of obesity.

Epigallocatechin-3-gallate or EGCG, which is a very specific catechin in green tea is considered the most effective cancer chemopreventive polyphenol3, and because the processing of green tea is minimal, it is still abundant. Other studies found EGCG to be more potent than Vitamins C and E in preventing cell oxidative damage. So, it’s a good idea to have it daily as part of a regular healthy diet.

For the purpose of transparency and without biased, know that there were in vitro (meaning done in test tubes and not on actual organisms like animals or humans) studies found negative effects of green tea towards testosterone production. Testosterone is more than just a male sex hormone as it involves with many other vital functions in the body including muscle production, hair growth, boosts energy and vitality.

However, it would be more interesting to know if there are in vivo(meaning done on humans) studies done in order to clear out the real effect of green tea on testosterone. So, far there is one study done in rats conducted by Indian researchers4 in which their finding is consistent with the previous in vitro studies. However, I’m one of those men who drinks green tea regularly, but haven’t noticed any difference neither I experience any symptoms related to a decline in testosterone level, and my testicles didn’t shrink.

With all that in mind, always consider if you’re into drinking green tea that it’s not an all-in-one solution. If you regularly drink green tea, but your diet is unhealthy, well…that would not do much of the good benefits it can offer. Instead, include green tea as part of your healthy lifestyle eating clean and healthy with regular physical activity. Of course, getting enough rest nightly is vital, too. So, don’t forget include that as it will help you to easily keep stress level minimal.

Additionally, if you’re a smoker, you might want to prioritize in quitting smoking as it can cause lots unhealthy consequences including high blood pressure.

Always opt for freshly brewed green tea, or even other teas and even coffee because it has more benefits than those bottled ones especially when it comes to catechins content. However, note that coffee and tea including green tea contains tannins that can impair iron absorption. Hence, make sure you don’t drink coffee or tea while eating your meals, or right after meals. Drink it instead 30 minutes or beyond after having a meal to allow the body on maximizing iron absorption.

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