Focusing On Good Nutrition Is Better Than Taking Medications (Alone) For Erectile Dysfunction

(Last Updated On: March 30, 2016)

Erectile dysfunction or the inability for men to achieve and sustain erection hard enough for sexual penetration has become an increasingly common either in younger or older men. In the past, ED was only common to older men, which is why it was linked to age. However, today we can observe younger men in 40’s and even 30’s who have erectile issues. The most common solution to opt when there is a problem in erection is to take PDE5 medications like Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, etc.

Others take natural dietary supplementation that contain sexual enhancement ingredients that have been used by people for centuries. However, taking PDE5 medications, or natural supplementations is not an absolute solution to an erectile issue and overall sexual health. When it comes to sexual health, it should not be addressed solely, but address the entire body’s health condition. Sexual health not only in men but on women as well is closely link to the body’s overall health condition. If the body’s health deteriorates, so does sexual health and other parts of the body particularly the nervous system and cardiovascular system.

When addressing towards getting back and maintaining good health is to get back to the fundamentals, and it’s food and not just food but clean and healthy food. Foods are the basis of good nutrition, and not only include solid foods, but liquids, as well, and that means quality and clean water to drink for hydration purposes. A recent study found that regularly eating foods rich in flavonoids can have a positive impact on sexual health in men specifically the quality of erections.

Today, the most abundant foods easily available, especially in developed countries are highly processed. It seems very high-tech to heard the word “highly-processed”, but in reality, these foods have been stripped of vital nutrients and loaded with artificial preservatives, added sugars and high level of sodium that is also stripped of its other trace mineral contents making the food taste delicious and longer shelf life, but almost no nutrients. Food manufacturers, however, added nutrients to it, but these nutrients… unfortunately are not very beneficial to the body for nourishments as most of them are created inside the laboratory. In other words, they’re synthetic nutrients and flavorings that the body won’t be able to assimilate for maximum nourishment.

In order to maintain proper nourishment, we should be opting for whole foods preferably an organic produced and avoid the genetically modified (GMO) as these are loaded with chemicals and pesticides. Plus, foods that have been genetically modified have been found to be harmful in the long run based on a French research led by Seralini. On the other hand, Jeffrey Smith, an advocate and founder of Institute of Responsible Technology listed the major reasons to avoid GMO, and expert researcher Stephanie Seneff has been doing an in-depth research on GMO because GMO crops are certainly bombarded with the chemical RoundUP that contains glyphosate, which have been found to be an endocrine disrupter resulting to many problems in the body including cancers, cognitive function, reproductive issue including, of course, erectile dysfunction in men.

This is why today, we see more and more young men and women have infertility issues. In turn, the medical world treat this infertility issues with synthetic drugs that can also he harmful in the long-run. The only way to get back health and have full control over it is to change the way we eat. Although, it’s not an absolute bad to take synthetic medications because they can helpful in a certain situation. But, when it comes to daily health goals, as well as long-term goals, good nutrition is the way to go.

Sadly, due to the modern food campaigns through advertisements and marketing in TV ads, billboards, and other mediums, it’s difficult for most people to make the shift. However, the other side is rewarding for those who persist in making the healthy lifestyle changes. Truly, prevention is the real key and always better than treatment. When it comes to erectile dysfunction, one can always count on natural ways to prevent erection problems. Another thing to consider especially to men with high blood pressure is taking a medication that can have a detrimental effect on sexual health like the cholesterol-lowering Statin drug, and there are doctors today who prescribed appropriately in order to minimize the damage. Therefore, if you’re taking any of these medications, talk to your doctor about the potential side-effects and what can be done, or whether there are potential alternatives to it, and of course, eating clean and healthy.

When we look at erections at a healthy perspective, it looks like an easy process. And, it is! When the body has all the necessary requirements and all parts are working in harmony, there is an effortless process going on. However, when certain parts or systems in the body are deprived of the necessary nutrients, which means not functioning optimally, it makes a process a lot harder to achieve. This is what happen in the process of achieving erections. Behind that easy to look engorging of the penis during sexual stimulation (either thought or physical), there’s an intricate process involved.

It requires a good level of testosterone, which is regarded as the male’s sexual hormone, and other minute details including the release of Nitric Oxide in the endothelial walls. Medications specifically target this processes, but of course, the result is short-term, and one needs to take it whenever he needs it. Wouldn’t it be nice to have the erections come naturally without any external aid just like when you were in your 20’s? Wouldn’t it be nice that instead of using a penis pump to aid erection, it is instead used as a penis enlargement means? Would you like to achieve such things? Then, it’s time to take control of your health by taking the path to stick to good nutrition and eat only foods that are clean and nutritious.

If you’re among those who are overwhelmed with “modern” food supply, it may be difficult to make the shift initially. But, you don’t necessarily take everything in one go. First, do small changes you can stick to, and add more healthy changes and choices along the way. Small changes and making small healthy choices can have tremendous positive impact on your confidence you can do it overtime. Start becoming aware what’s on the food you’re eating by reading the labels and questioning what are those “almost” unreadable ingredients there. This makes your mind curious, and once you make it a habit of doing it, it’s easy to find alternatives, too….alternatives that are so much better, cleaner, and healthier.

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