Penomet has been tested and proven incredibly powerful way to encourage natural penis growth. It becomes one of the leading means to enlarge the penis quickly and effortlessly without risk if done correctly and appropriately. Through making the most of the  revolutionary and unique interchangeable gaiter design, a user can have control over the pressure setting between inside and outside of the Penomet cylinder pump allowing the ability to achieve penis size gains efficiently and safely. Penomet team aimed to ensure its users are using Penomet hydro pump in an efficient and safe manner. And, that being said, here’s a tested set of rotuines that can help you maximize and achieve desirable results when performing these workouts either for enlargement or penis health therapy purposes.

Moreover, note that these Penomet exercise routines are designed for beginners who do not have prior experience in using a hydro penis pump for penis enlargement or penis hydro therapy, and for advanced penis enlargement enthusiasts who do not have prior experience to using a penis enlargement device. This is in fact a great way to explore the basic operation of the Penomet hydro pump and as one become more of an expert using the device, exploring new and advanced routines can be an effective way of achieving an even more potential gains. Intensity and consistency are both key to amazing permanent gains.

For advanced users who are already involved in using penis enlargement devices such as other penis pumps or perhaps a traction device, these routines may not be of thrill for you. So, if you’re among these guys, feel free to make your own routine according to what suits you…in terms of intensity and length of session per routine.

Penomet Gaiter Usage Recommendation

For first time users, please refer to the how to use Penomet instructional guide post, or refer to the Penomet official user guide that comes with your purchase. Below is the gaiter usage recommendation from Week #1 to Week #7 and beyond. By Week #8, you’ll be able to find a good combination that works for you without compromising intensity and consistency. Remember, consistency and intensity comes hand-in-hand in penis enlargement. If you feel you’re not gaining anymore or gains slows down, or simply you feel the intensity is not enough, adjust it to higher intensity and higher pressure capacity gaiters.

Moreover, a combination of lower pressure gaiters for warming up purposes and then switch to higher pressure gaiter for main routine, and back to lower gaiter pressure for warming down along with a bit of manual stretching and jelqing is a powerful and effective combination for stamina boost and gains.

Recommendations for beginners;

  • Use one or a combination of gaiters each week as outlined in the chart below.
  • Perform Penomet exrercise routines 15-20 minutes a day, 5 days a week.
  • Use the lowest pressure gaiter if you’re a beginner and gradually move to higher pressure gaiters as you progresses.
  • Feel the intensity and increase it gradually if you feel it’s not enough anymore.
Penomet Gaiter Exercises

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