12 Essential Vitamins and Minerals For Maintaining A Good Sex Drive and Stronger Erections

(Last Updated On: March 30, 2016)

We’ve covered in a previous article the safety and efficacy of dietary supplementation particularly those formulation containing sexual enhancement, which is our primary topic. We’ve also learned from that article that indeed supplementation is vital especially that most of our foods today do not contain as many nutrients compare to whole foods produced decades into the past. Of course, with the exception if today’s certain crops are grown on high-quality soil complete with the necessary nutrients, then these foods are the ideal whole foods we should be eating. Sadly, the majority of agricultural soil today are nutrients depleted due to the rampant used of synthetic fertilizers and pollution from the surrounding environment and not to mention the heavy used of pesticides and herbicides, or even foods that are genetically modified.

Therefore, as an addition to aiming and maintaining a healthy diet, taking quality supplements is a good idea. And, when it comes to maintaining a good libido boost, there are certain vitamins and minerals essential to achieving it. Below are the list of vitamins and minerals, and although there are a dozen of them, you don’t need to take these all at once. Or, in some cases, there are good multivitamins that include all these vitamins and minerals, and sometimes even more. So, just look for a multivitamin that has complete vitamins and minerals in it. You’ll be able to find many of them at Amazon if you’re looking online, or visit a local health store near you.

Furthermore, note that although we’re talking of sex drive, these vitamins and minerals are not solely designed to do just that. All these vitamins and minerals mentioned have a vital role to play for the body’s overall health and wellness. Keep in mind, sexual health in both men and women is absolutely dependent on the body’s overall health. Our body needs these nutrients to function properly and optimally including sexual function. Vitamins and minerals take the holistic way of addressing the body’s needs for nutrients instead of target specific parts. These give us the energy we need to do things we need to do and enjoy. So, without further adieu, here are the 12 libido boosting essential vitamins and minerals.

1. Vitamin A improves the synthesis of the progesterone sex hormone. Now, you might think that progesterone is for women only, but it’s for men as well. Progesterone is a precursor to testosterone, which is the male sexual hormone, although it has more functions other than boosting libido. Additionally, it has also been known that progesterone in men is responsible for reducing man boobs.

2. B-Vitamins are important for improving blood flow in the body including to the penis, of course.

3. Vitamin B1 is vital for maintaining an optimal nerve transmission as well as the production of energy in the body that are both vital for boosting libido and performance between the sheets.

4. Vitamin B-3 is useful for achieving orgasm resulting to a sexual flush. It increases blood flow to the skin, as well as in the mucous membranes making orgasms more intense due to an improved sensation.

5. Vitamin B-6 is vital as it helps control the spike of prolactin hormone. Prolactin is a hormone in women that triggers the production of breast milk, but in men, a high level of prolactin can lower testosterone level, which is not a good sign for maintaining and boosting libido. Vitamin B6 controls the rise of prolactin hormone in men. In addition, high level of prolactin in men can also result to man breasts or boobs known as gynecomastia. However, it may not be a good idea to take prolactin to very low level as it cause sexual issue according to a study1.

6. Vitamin E is also known as the sex vitamin. Deficiency in Vitamin E can lead to erectile dysfunction, low sex drive, and even infertility. So, boost up your vitamin E with supplementation and boost sex drive, as well.

7. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that helps balance the hormones that in turned boost sexuality. Plus, because it’s antioxidant, it get rids of the free radicals in the body making the immune system works better, and make us happy. When we feel happy, it’s easy to call that boost for sex drive.

8. Magnesium is also known as the wonder mineral for the body as it is involved with over 300 processes in the body from sex hormones to neurotransmitters.

9. Selenium in men is important as it helps in the production of sperm and maintaining mobility. Approximately 50% of the selenium in the man’s body is found in the testicles and seminal ducts. It has been said that each every time a man ejaculate, it loses selenium. Therefore, eat foods rich in selenium and take supplementation.

10. Zinc is another vital mineral for men that involved in testosterone production and other hormones. Additionally, zinc according to study2 help maintain a healthy prostate. Zinc is just as equally important to women, too.

11. Essential Fatty Acids like Omega-3 fatty acids are the building blocks of hormone production including sex hormones. EFAs(essential fatty acids) are heart-friendly meaning an optimal functioning heart result to a good blood pumping making erections harder. In addition, EFAs helps the body in the vitamins and minerals, which is crucial to maximizing nutrients from the foods we consumed and supplements we take.

12. Vitamin D deficiency may lead to erectile dysfunction according to Dr. Murray, and also one study3 supports when optimizing Vitamin D serum result to the delayed onset of ED.

There you have it! Aside from persistently and consistently performing your Penomet pump routine, it’s a good idea to include vitamins and minerals to it to maximize not only performance, but health, and perhaps could contribute to faster gains due to the optimize health condition for all the body parts that involved.

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