A Child’s Powerful Message For Quitting Smoking

(Last Updated On: September 24, 2016)

Quitting smoking is difficult for most smokers. The nicotine in the tobacco is additive and it contains many harmful chemicals that can deteriorate one’s health in the long run. Regardless, there are ways to quit smoking as an aid for people who want break free from this addictive and unhealthy habit. However, if these ways aren’t enough, read this one child’s message about smoking and why you should quit.

Recently, while reading online, I found this very interesting experience by someone who was able to quit smoking due to her niece’s message. You can read the full story at Qoura. Here’s what the child confronted her aunt;

I love you auntie. I just want you to know that you shouldn’t smoke because it will make you age and die quickly. Plus you keep hiding in the balcony thinking I wouldn’t see you. So obviously you know it is wrong since you are hiding it!

Consider the child in lieu of your sister, or brother, or even your little girl or boy (son or daughter), would that impact you emotionally and use the message as a catalyst to quit smoking? This is not an actual method of quitting smoking, but the child’s message is powerful if you ponder on it.

Here’s what the child added when her mother defend her aunt that she doesn’t smoke;

Why are you trying to make me lie , that’s worse that smoking.

If you read the full story, she saw her aunt smoking at the balcony hiding and hoping her niece wouldn’t see her. Unfortunately, the little girl followed and sneaked her while she was smoking.

Child's Quit Smoking Message

Anymore Reason To Quit Smoking?

If that child’s message is not enough to for you to quit smoking, perhaps a recent study could convince you. According to a study published in the American Heart Association1. Researchers found that smoking can cause damage to the DNA. The bad part, it is a permanent damage on nearly 7,000 genes.

These damaged genes can lead to the development of many illnesses linked to smoking. But, there’s good news if you quit smoking as some of these genes are able to heal over time.

According to Roby Joehanes of Hebrew SeniorLife and Harvard Medical School;

Our study has found compelling evidence that smoking has a long-lasting impact on our molecular machinery, an impact that can last more than 30 years…. The encouraging news is that once you stop smoking, the majority of DNA methylation signals return to never-smoker levels after five years, which means your body is trying to heal itself of the harmful impacts of tobacco smoking.

The message is clear. If you don’t quit smoking, it’s going to have a damaging effect on your health. On the other hand, if you quit smoking, there’s hope as the body try to recuperate once you decide to break free from smoking.

Quit Smoking Benefits Timeline

This Is What Happens In The Body When You Quit Smoking

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