The Astonishing Benefits Of Having Frequent Sex

(Last Updated On: July 13, 2016)

There’s no doubt that sex is therapeutic. In fact, frequent sex is recommended as a form of therapy for certain health conditions like ureteral stones based on one study1. Moreover, WebMD listed 10 benefits of having frequent sex such as boosting the immune system, bladder improvement in women, lowers blood pressure, reduce risk of prostate cancer in men and among many others. Having sex is also considered an exercise.

In another study2 published in Social Psychological and Personality Science researchers followed college students for a period of 12 weeks, or 3 months where they found that students who engage more casual sex experienced an increased in feelings of well-being such as higher self-esteem. Furthermore, solo masturbation has also been found to have health benefits including a boost in self-confidence, may prevent cervical infections and urinary tract infections in women.

Another study3 in which women reported higher self-esteem through having frequent orgasms and satisfying sexual experience. The study was published in Journal of Adolescent Health back in 2011. The study also found that engaging more communication and exploration during sex along with frequent orgasms are all beneficial for boosting self-confidence.

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