7 Women Talked About Female Orgasms and Why It Matters

(Last Updated On: August 12, 2016)

For some of you who reads this article, it may sound counter intuitive especially for men. Why would men care about his female partner’s orgasms? We’ve learned that orgasm and sex are not simply pleasurable, but also boosts self-esteem in women. In order to achieve great sex, there should cooperation and reciprocation from both partners. Men who only care about their own pleasure do not achieve great sex.

I came across this documentary in which seven women shared their experiences and talked about orgasm itself. Hopefully, through their experiences, men will be able to appreciate it. Have you heard of women saying they have sex with men, or married and have sex but haven’t experience the climax? I’ve heard that many times. And, although initially, it was very weird for me, I’ve learned that many women don’t actually experience orgasms.

One of the women in this documentary, Jocelyn is just one of the many women never experienced orgasm with her marriage. Again, many who reads this article may find it odd, and might think that marriage is all about sex and orgasm? To be honest, it is not. But sex is one of the most powerful emotion that when achieved can lead self-esteem and high motivation. Moreover, when both partners experienced the 7th heaven, the bond gets stronger and relationship gets even sweeter.

There’s another good reason men should care about female orgasms. The New York Times reported a study published in the Journal of Experimental Zoolozy. In this study, researchers find that female orgasms is not just about pleasure, but it has deep evolutionary history. Its history can be traced back to the early mammals.

4 Tips To Make Her Orgasm

There are many ways to make your female partner reaches orgasm. Probably, one of the most important is achieving a harder and lasting erections. This can bed one through penis exercises, or using a device like Penomet pump regularly. Hence, it’s always a good idea include such goal when doing penile pumping routine. Aside from erections, there are other things to make her orgasm including proper foreplay stimulation, timing in thrusting and penetration, and combination of both.

If you want more, certainly there are. Here are three other tips to make your partner reaches orgasm.

  1. Musky Scent – Smell is one of the senses that triggers sexual arousal. Putting on a musky scent during sex mimics testosterone. Women can sense it making her more aroused sexually.
  2. Warm Up Her Feet – Have you seen some women wearing socks in the movie while having sex scene? They don’t forget to take off, but perhaps they do it on purpose. One study reported by BBC back in 2005 found when women wore socks experienced a boost in orgasms.
  3. Spine Stimulation – When you’re making love with your partner especially with the entry from behind or doggy position, have you tried to caress her spine? If you did, how that it made her feel? If you didn’t, or did but not aware of it, next time do it consciously and ask her how she feel. There is a catch, though. Touch the right side of the spine. The way to touch it effectively is a combination of light and pressured strokes. Experiment which works well with your partner. Even if you’re not having sex, massage her back including the entire spinal length. Explore it and notice the spots she feels most sensation. Next time you make love, add in those strokes and see how it goes.
  4. Hit and Stimulate The Clitoral Head – The clitoris is a very sensitive part of the vagina. It holds many nerve endings. You don’t just aim directly at it right upfront, but build her up gradually. Once you feel she’s ready for more, then it’s time to stimulate the clitoral hood. This is especially pleasurable for her if you use your tongue to simulate it. Focus on the 10 o’clock and 2 o’clock spots while sliding your tongue underneath the clitoral head. Again, explore and experiment. Some women like to have more pressure while others like it light.
  5. Clitoral Hood and glans

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