5 Exercises That Will Train Your Body For Better Sex

(Last Updated On: September 16, 2016)

A well-engaged and vigorous sex involved the use of muscles. The more you and your partner are engaged, more power muscles are required to support you and her. Hence, to make sure you can last longer, you’ve got to have that stamina to sustain muscle power. Doing sex this way does not only provide pleasure but as a workout, as well. If you and your partner can combine both pleasure and workout, then there’s no reason not doing it. It just a matter of training your body to be strong.

Additionally, becoming a strong man through exercises does not only benefit for sexual performance but also makes your body not vulnerable to injuries. Also note that exercise or any form of physical activity is vital for overall health. In fact, exercise is one of the helpful ways of reversing erectile dysfunction. Even simple exercise like the plank makes your body better at sex.

Without further ado, here are the 5 exercises you should be doing to train and prepare your body for better and longer performance between the sheets. These 5 exercises correspond to 5 sexual positions. So, if you’re already doing these sex positions but want to be better at it, these exercises can help.

1. Push-Ups for Missionary Position

Although missionary is not that so creative position, it’s one of the most intimate. If you want to be good at it, you need to have strong arms. One of the bodyweight exercises for strong arms is push-up. In particular, experts recommend the bowing push-up variation for this purpose. Push-ups not only train strong arms but increase strength for the shoulders and upper body, as well.

2. Hollow-Body Bridge Hold for Cowgirl Position

In a cowgirl position, you give her full control and she’s on top. Be careful with this position as it has been known to break a man’s penis if the woman on top become aggressive. Although she is in control, this does not mean you don’t have to do anything. You should be doing some work, too. The hollow-body bridge hold may just be as helpful for training your body.

You need to give her a good base that requires powerful hip and core. The hollow-body bridge hold keeps your abs engaged. Once you do this regularly, it will give you a power core providing her a stable support while enjoying the ride.

3. Sandbag Bear Hug Squat for the Iron Chef Position

One of the most challenging sex positions is the standing position. Standing involves keeping your body vertical. This means you need the proper strength to support your partner. This is a very interesting exercise as it involved holding a sandbag. Consider the sandbag your hot partner. The more you do the exercise, the powerful your upper and lower body, and stable, too. Furthermore, the squatting action trains your legs. When it comes to vertical positions, it’s not just the upper and lower body that you need to be a concern, but leg strength, too.

4. V-Sit Progression for Face-Off Position

This exercise is very challenging for most people, but practice will get you there. After all, we’re all after about developing strength. The V-Sit progression is a gymnastic-type exercise that requires strength on the arms and balance. On the other hand, if you get this exercise well, you’ll be able to support her without your feeling pains in the back area.

5. Kneeling Band-Resisted Hip Thrusts Useful for Doggy Style

The doggy-style is probably the most famous sex positions. Why not? If you do this right, it feels good for you and her as this position allows deep penetration plus the view is just awesome, isn’t’ it? However, this involves a flexible hip and powerful glutes. The band-resisted hip thrust exercise can be helpful in training these parts of your body. You will be able to find a wide array of resistance bands choices at Amazon.com, or at your local sports store.

As mentioned earlier, exercises and other physical activities are vital for health. Hence, doing these exercises on a regular basis will not only benefit you for your performance in bed but help you achieve overall good health. Combined these exercises with healthy lifestyle practices including good nutrition and avoiding bad habits like smoking and too much alcohol. Do it as a habit and you’re on your journey towards a happy and healthy life.

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