What is the Penomet?


he PENOMET hydro pump was first introduced to the market back in late 2012. It has unique design compared to other penis pumps as Penomet take it further and produced a design with a changeable gaiter system.

The gaiter system determines the pumps overall pressure capacity, and with the changeable gaiters implemented in Penomet, each gaiter has different pressure capacity. This makes the open somewhat become an open-box and flexible design.

The Penomet team is committed to perfecting the design and its quality manufacturing to be efficient in order to meet the highest standard of quality.

It continues to evolve in order to meet the requirements and demands of thousands of currently satisfied and future potential customers with an unmatched hydro penis pump quality available in the market today.

In 2012, Penomet received its first award from the adult industry. Awarded by Venus Awards as “Best Male Enhancement Product 2012”. This is a great news and sense of pride for a newly introduced penis enlargement product to be recognized.

In 2013, it has been awarded two awards. Venus Awards recognized it as “Best New Product 2013”, and Sign Magazine awarded Penomet as “Best Male Enhancement Device 2013”. And, once again earned another award as “BEST PENIS PUMP 2014“.

Real Penomet Premium Review


Get Started Increasing Your Penis Size, Improve Erection Quality, And Better Stamina.

Main Features

Multi-Color Pumps

Penomet Pump Color Choices

Penomet hydro pump, when it was first intoduced back in late 2012, there were only two colors to choose; Aqua Blue and Clear. Later, Penomet decided to offer more colors, and now there are several colors(Orange, Violet, Blue, Green and Pink) to choose from when you purchase your Penomet pump. Although, the color has no significant impact on the hydro pump’s performance and efficiency, it is something as an owner’s preference.

After all, it is your pump and you’re gonna be using it most of the time, and picking a color that is preferable to you might be something that can boost motivation and interest of becoming serious in penis enlargement, or consistent routine as hydro penile therapy for sexual health maintenance. Penomet pump’s cylinders are manufactured with high quality polycarbonate plastics (toughest plastic known to man and virtually unbreakable) to ensure a durability that lasts, so you can enjoy using the pump while reaping the benefits, at the same time.

Multiple and Changeable Gaiters

Penomet Gaiters

The gaiter of the pump detemine the pump’s pressure capacity. Normally, a hydro pump comes with a fixed single gaiter. Penomet listened to customers feedback and design hydro penis pump that is flexible without compromising efficiency. This results to a multiple or changeable gaiger system with each gaiter has its own pressure capacity, starting from lowest to highest. The gaiters are made from medical grade silicon materials, so these gaiters are durable and safe for the skin especially it comes in contact with the skin.

By default, during purchase Penomet comes with the BLACK gaiter, which is also known as Force70 only. For Penomet Extra, it comes with additional two gaiters in addition to the BLACK(Force70); PURPLE(Force60) and BLUE(Force65). If you purchase the highest package, Penomet Premium it comes with additional four gaiters; PURPLE(Force60), BLUE(Force65), GREY(Force75), and RED(Force80) with additional extras such as professional shower strap and GunOil Shine.

Industry Certified Device

Penomet Industry Certifications

To date(at the time of this writing), there is no other penis enlargement pump/device that has been industry-certified. Penomet pump has been certified with various certification body for quality and safety and certified and classified as a medical device by ISO.

SGS Certifications awarded RoHS Class 1 Product (tested and compliant for silicon under U.S., European Union & EEA laws) plus classified and certied as Toxin-Free for its polycarbonate cylinder and release valve, and 0% compliance for forbidden chemicals used in manufacturing.

Penomet also carries the CE Marking indicating the manufacturing process is compliant with EU legistration requirements. The CE Marking also enbales free movement of Penomet within European market for easy ordering and delivery.

All these certifications help ensure the safety and efficacy of Penomet when it reach its customers rendering the desired results for incresing penis size, as well as penile and sexual health maintenance.

Penomet Hydro Pump Premium Package

  • Penomet Premium Includes Gaiters Force 60, Force 65, Force 70, Force 75
  • Includes Exclusive Force 80 Extreme Workout Gaiter
  • Professional Comfort Strap for a hands-free pumping in Shower
  • 3 Years Warranty
  • 60-Days Money Back Guarantee
  • Lifetime Platinum Support
  • Discreet Billing and Shipping


Get Started Increasing Your Penis Size, Improve Erection Quality, And Better Stamina.

Penomet Pump Specifications and Measurements

Weight9.9 oz / 280.66 grams
External Length12 inches or 304.8 mm
Internal Length10.5 inches or 266.7 mm
Compressed Length9.25 inches or 234.95 mm
External Width3.5 inches or 88.9 mm
Internal Circumference7.5 inches or 190.5 mm
Maximum Penis Length9 inches or 228.6 mm
Maximum Penis Girth7.25 inches or 184.15 mm
Penomet Specifications



The earlier you start, so does the results you get!

Benefits Of Using Penomet Hydro Pump

  • Can You Help You Gain and Boost Self-Confidence Both Socially and Sexually

    Consistent and proper use of Penomet hydro pump can result to bigger penis size in both girth and length, plus achieve a substantial improvement in erection quality. All these positive impacts lead to overall self-confidence especially sexual confidence. Although, this is not an ultimate solution to boosting self-confidence, most men to associate themselves being dominance in sex and most areas in life.

  • Potential Penis Curvature Correction as in Peyronie's Disease

    Peyronies disease is a condition wherein the penis curved to the right or left, and up or down depending on where the plaque in the penile shaft is building up. Using a traction or penis pump therapy can help correct the curvature and along with certain exercises, it can help reduce the plaque build-up.

  • Can Help In Overcoming Premature Ejaculation

    Premature ejaculation is an uncontrollable experience of ejaculating in a short period of time prior, just after penetration, or during penetration while the partner has not yet reached orgasm. This is a frustrating condition for both partners, and consistent use of Penomet pump can lead to gaining ejaculatory control.

  • Can Help Men With Erectile Dysfunction As An Erection Aid Device

    Vacuum penile therapy has been used in the medical society as treatment or solution for men suffering from sexual impotence, or also known as erectile dysfunction. In fact, air vacuum penis pumps were originally designed as an erection aid device, but later discovered it can increase penis size, too.

  • Can Help Boosts Sexual Stamina, Improved Performance and Last Longer In Bed

    The consistent use of Penomet pump with the recommended exercise routines lead to better performance, improved erection quality, and overall sexual stamina. Even with just a consistent performance of manual exercises can achieve this, but with the use of Penomet hydro pump, these can be achieved a lot quicker.

  • Your Purchase of Penomet Pump is Backed with 60-Day Money Back Guarantee

    Penomet is so confident with the hydro pump’s efficiency, performance, durability and effectiveness that it offers a 60-days money back guarantee. The materials used for manufacturing the device are durable and safe when in contact with the skin. Penomet support team is always standing by for inquiries on whatever pre-sales or post sales inquiries.

Progressive Penis Enlargement Gains With Penomet


Penomet's Hydraulic Technology

Penomet hydro pump has a patented hydraulic technology, advanced, comfortable, efficient, fastest, and one of the safest way to promote natural penis growth that is available for anyone without undergoing risky and expensive surgical procedures.

The Penomet pump draws freshly oxygenated blood into the corpora Cavernosa through its powerful suction mechanism. Nothing is better for achieving harder and better quality erections than drawing more highly oxygenated blood into the penis erectile chambers. Using this technique not only maximizes penis health, but more blood flow always means bigger, and longer erections every time.


Penomet offers multiple routines for its users to follow along to help achieve gains quickly and safely. Every routine has progressive intensity techniques, which means subsequent routines are more  intense compared to the previous, and when performed accordingly and appropriately, the entire system can offer the best possible potential gains. Implementing or applying both Penomet innovation and techniques learned through the provided routines make the user see results quickly and safely.

So, if you already have the Penomet pump in your hand, apply the technology you’re holding along with the proper knowledge learned for real results. The guess work has been done through the workout provided, and all the user have to do is follow and apply it. Now, as one become more of an expert performing Penomet routines, more and more advanced routines or combination of routines will be discovered along the way. Therefore, take notice about what you are going to discover and try to apply it. If it’s too intense, implement it on a moderate phase at the beginning and progress to a more intense as you go along.

Penomet Routines


Harder and Longer Erections

No other device can deliver instant, usable size after one use. The Penomet can do just that! After only performing a single session of routine, penis size will be noticeably bigger, thicker and heavier. In some cases, temporary penis gains can up to an inch in a single session. Meaning you can use the Penomet 15 minutes prior to having a sexual intercourse, have a noticeably thicker girth and longer penis length. The good thing about this technique, it does make a difference to your partner. If you doubt it, then try it. In fact, this is not something that can be achieve with Penomet, but other pump, as well including the Bathmate Hydromax series pumps.


The Penomet hydro pump’s exclusive interchangeable gaiter system provides a limitless potential gain in both length and girth. As one progresses to his penis enlargement journey with Penomet, it is essential to increase the intensity of the workouts, as well. Through its five increasing pressure capacity gaiters, Penomet users will always have an additional power at hand.. This unique progressive system help to continuously encouraging the user to thicker and longer penis size gains.

Gaiter Choices


The Penomet increases blood flow through its efficient hydro pump system. Each Penomet workout routine can deliver thicker girth, longer length and heavier flaccid(soft state) penis size. In fact, there are those who were able to double flaccid penis size after each workout. Now, that is something temporary, but usable size and overtime if routines are consistently applied, penis size gains can become permanent, also known in the penis enlargement world as “cemented gains”.


Bigger Penis Glans

Penomet is designed to deliver a highly powerful and concentrated negative pressure inside the pump cylinder, yet when applied and use properly, it is both safe and effective. Moreover, a unique and somewhat wrapping technique can be used to further facilitate size increase of the penis glans(head of the penis) creating that mushroom-like shape that is so amazing when it comes to sex. This is where traction wrapping comes into play. A big throbbing penis glans is just among the most desirable features of a penis and Penomet hydro pump can bring into reality.


Premature ejaculation is one of the common issues in which majority of men suffer. Through consistent use of Penomet hydro pump, it allows the penis to become comfortable in a somewhat high-pressure, or highly intense arousal. This means, every time a Penomet pump is used, the penis will become of a more having the capability to last longer during sexual intercourse. Hence, the issue of premature ejaculation no longer a threat to a man’s performance in bed. The Penomet cylindrical tube trains the penis to maintain a staying power for harder and longer lasting erections while maintaining a controllable arousal preventing early occurrences of orgasms or ejaculations. It is an incredible feeling  to have a full control on your ejaculations. It may not be as much as those shown in porn movies, but lasting 20 minutes or longer with intense sexual experience can be an amazing and unforgettable experience for your partner.

Better Stamina


Quick Erection Recovery

Have you experienced having sex with a girl with a great stamina and multiple orgasms? I mean(of course) every woman has the potential of achieving multiple orgasms every sexual encounter. There are times even with your regular partner(wife or girlfriend) in which she wants more even after having to achieve an orgasm, but you are not in a position or have the power to get it back up again. Well, if you are someone who is lucky enough to have that kind of partner, but you’re tired of keeping up, then Penomet pump can help you.

Penomet is also an excellent and efficient erection device for men with erectile dysfunction, or also known as impotence in which a man has difficulty achieving an erection quality suitable for intercourse. Using the Penomet pump as an erection aid for someone who wants to recover quickly because it takes time to recover and bring back that intense sexual arousal to trigger and erection.

If you are someone who dreamt of achieving multiple rounds of sexual enjoyment, then have a Penomet pump at hand when you hooked-up with your partner. The pump can literally help you pump it up as quickly as five minutes after the previous ejaculation.

Peyronies or Penis Curvature Correction

Another issue in which many men suffer from is a condition called Peyronies Disease, or curvature of the penis due to plaque build-up a the side of the penis shaft. It could be below, over, left, or right part of the shaft. When fibrous tissues formed, it will cause the penis shaft to bend in the opposite direction where the plaque is forming.

Penomet can help correct and with the help of particular supplementation, it can eventually reduce the plaque and restore the penis shaft figure, or in short straighten the curvature. Using the pump draws very clean with equal negative pressure (vacuum force) throughout inside the cylinder tube aiding penis into a straight position. The negative pressure or vacuum helps keep the penis straight in a steady position while pressure is present inside the cylinder.

Gradually, and through consistent effort and implementation of the routine, it gently aid the penis forcing the internal erectile tissues back into a straight position. This is not an instant or miracle solution, but it is truly helpful if implemented consistently. It is also worth noting, anytime you have Peyronies Disease or perhaps some curvature that induces pain, consult a urologist.

Penis Curvature Correction

Expected Gains Using The Penomet

Although there is NO LIMIT a Penomet user can gain in terms of girth and length gains, it is important to note; in order to be successful with penis enlargement, you must have a goal set in mind before implementing any program or routines. Moreover, it is also vital to know, while Penomet pump is a powerful pump, it is safe and cannot induce any injuries if used correctly.

The gains during the first used or after the first 15-minute session with Penomet is real and usable, as mentioned earlier. However, this first-time gain is only temporary and can subside in the next few hours, or so. Consistently performing and applying the routines can gradually and over time make the gains permanent. Men who are truly focused and dedicated in penis enlargement using Penomet can expect a growth of over 3 inches in length and over 50% growth in penis girth. There are some who gained 1 inch in both length and girth during the first month of consistent Penomet pumping.

Penis Size Gains
Thicker Penis Girth

Unlike the first-time gains using Penomet, the gains during the first month is somewhat permanent, but not truly permanent that can last a lifetime. Understand, using Penomet hydro penis pump is comparable to muscle building or weight training. Do the workout at the gym once or during the first month and stop, the muscles gained will eventually be lost. However, working out at the gym regularly at 3 to 4 times a week interval and do it consistently, results will be permanent plus you’ll be able to make it habit and maintain what you have gained.

Penis enlargement is no different from building muscles or weight lifting, although the penis is not really a muscle, but the analogy is similar.

The Penomet hydro pump is a penis workout device and right after just a single session, a noticeable positive size increase of the penis can be achieved. Within two weeks, bigger and longer penis will start to take place in both erection and flaccid state as the Penomet negative pressure or vacuum inside the cylinder expands the Corpora Cavernosa allowing it to hold more blood during arousal and erections.

Generally, within 1 to 3 months, length gains start to become noticeable ranging from .5 inch and upwards. Moreover, the more often Penomet hydro pump is used, the thicker and longer are the penis size gains and become permanent.

Penomet Happy and Satisfied User Testimonials

Penomet has just been a few years in the market. As mentioned, it was first introduced back in late 2012, so it is relatively new to the market. And, although, it’s fairly new, it has quickly gained and earned its reputation through its users, and some Penomet users who are happy and satisfied come back to show their appreciation through their testimonials about Penomet hydro pump.

Moreover, it is also worth noting, while these users have achieve amazing gains when it comes to penis size increase, boost sexual confidence, and improved erection quality and overall sexual satisfication, still results can vary due to many factors including consistency and intensity of use. Additionally, there are lots of Penomet users who have gained significant increase in size and stamina boost because they do other forms of penis enlargement routine like manual exercises including Jelqing and stretching(along with advance variations), and even use other device like a traction device.

There are numerous other positive feedback and testimonials for Penomet hydro pump, and the testimonials presented here are the ones found at the Penomet official website. Should there be a need for more of these proof, lots of them can be found on other forums like PEGym, MOS, or you may refer to this Penomet hydro pump review article as a reference. Commentaries for Penomet can also be found on Thundersplace.org, which is also a great source for various penis enlargement methods including DIY devices and numerous exercises that you can use along with the Penomet.

  • Being one of the first to try out the Penomet during its development phase, I have truly gained a lot, not just in length, but also boosted my self confidence in the bedroom.

    Brandon W. of United States From A First-Time User Point Of View
  • I own both the leading brand and the Penomet and I have to say that the Penomet is a much better product. The Penomet is more comfortable, it doesn't take in air, doesn't lose any pressure, and the release button is excellent because it doesn't leak water out while you're using it or while you are filling it with water. If you're on the fence, go with the Penomet.

    John of Acworth, GA, USA From A Regular Hydro Pump User Point of View
  • My libido was down and my size was nothing to be proud about. After doing the Penomet Workout for the first time as written by DLD at Matters Of Size, I not only got my limbo back but I literally saw my penis grow. What an amazing invention. I highly recommend it

    Jonny B. of U.S.A. Penomet User With Improved Performance
  • I had tried all the pills and stretching equipment I could find online and nothing seemed to work. The only result I got was making my cock sore after all the stretching. When I tried the Penomet however I was amazed to see immediate gains after the first use. I have been using it for 3 months now, and I have already added half an inch in permanent gains!

    Charles E. of London, U.K. Penomet Statisfied Buyer and User

Penomet Experience Shared In Details

This actual Penomet user experience was first seen back in Nov. 2012 by sasquatch, a member of MOS(mattersofsize) forum .

I ordered Penomet premium pump bundle/package and I received it intact a week earlier from date of order through postal shipped to Canada. I bought my first penis pump ago and since have bought others in addition to designed and built some of my own systems. I’ve always been rather fond of vacuum pumping for enlargement functions together with other exercises. I’ve never been into the practice of pumping to achieve the extreme levels of edema and swelling that a number of pumpers do. I consider myself fairly experienced and conditioned to vacuum pumping.


With my first Penomet pumping session my goal was to advance through all five gaiters starting with the Force 60 (purple) and concluding with the Force 80 (crimson). Well, I never made it past the black gaiter(Force70), the vacuum pressure generated by the Penomet gaiters exceeded my expectations. Seriously, let me tell you this… the Penomet pump is a powerful system that truly impressed me. I was very impressed that the Penomet pump does not leak or lose hoover whatsoever. At no time, even with the purple(Force60) did the cylinder ever come loose or leak one drop of water. The volume of hot water the Penomet holds enables the penis to stay very well heated for the duration of my sets. This principle of “water pumping” with hot water definitely enhances circulation and keeps my penis in a pliable state allowing for maximum growth and reducing the dangers of injury due to high vacuum levels.


Scrotal suck back into the tube is non-existent with Penomet pump. The seal formed around the dick is incredible. Vacuum pressure just takes a couple of compressions of the gaiter along with the valve works not loose. I actually enjoy the release valve susceptibility, I only need the tender touch to release the vacuum pressure. My dick reacted very well to my first Penomet sessions and I must say that I am quite pleased with the design and function of the Penomet Pump and my purchase.


Now, to the only negative I’ve discovered with the Penomet and this is the gaiters inner edge where the seal is formed across the bottom of the penis. The gaiters are molded with a sharp 90 degree edge which when united the superb tight seal and elevated degrees of vacuum the Penomet supplies results in significant distress and pain. In spite of the purple(Force60) and blue(Force65) I found the distress so excruciating after 5 minutes that I had to release the vacuum pressure and remove the pump cylinder. I really received a small cut that bled on my scrotum skin from this sharp edge in the ventral side of my penis. I took some time off from pumping and exercising my dick to allow this small injury to cure. I’m applying surgical standard antibiotic ointment and I’m assured the injury will finish curing fine.


My immediate thought was to trim the inside edge of the gaiter to form a little radius of approx. 0.125 inches, so eliminating the sharp injury producing internal 90 edge of the gaiters. I took the example another poster used and provided a Gillette shaving razor and went around the internal edge and shaved off a little bit of substance. WOW…what an immediate improvement in comfort and no sacrifice to the seal round the base of my dick. Sadly, the shaver caught and dug in deeply to my black(Force70) gaiter leaving a somewhat noticeable notch removed from the inner edge. At least I’m able ot use the Penomet without injuries and the pain.

Penomet Support

When it comes to support, it is important to keep in mind, Penomet now only accept supports through their customer care hotline. They used to have a representative on various forums, but these days they changed it through their customer support system.

According to a Penomet representative;

…we prefer to help our customers via our customer care hotline, there we can directly engage problems with orders if any and answer your questions the best we can one-on-one.

This section about Penomet support is included here because customer support is important and probably, and so you will know how and where to get support if you have specific questions either pre-sale or post sale.

For additional information about contacting Penomet support, click here. The customer support page also listed the telelphone numbers where you can call for support.



Penomet hydro pump has been scientifically-proven and tested to deliver real results. Now, it’s your turn to benefit the amazing capabilities that Penomet offers either for penis enlargement or penis health hydro therapy purposes. Penomet functions both, and whether which one you aim (enlargement or penis health maintenance), you’ll get what you want with Penomet pump!

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